Research membership

Braemar ACM Research reports are available to members only.

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Basic level membership – is granted to core clients of Braemar ACM brokerage services. In addition to daily reports sent out by our brokers, our research desk makes the following reports available to all core clients

  • Mid-Week Chartering Report
    Tanker; Dry Cargo, Container

Reviews the rates, key fixtures and ‘events’ that have influenced the market over the past few days. This report is a ‘crib-sheet’ for chartering executives seeking to understand the state of play in regions/sectors outside their own fields of operation.

  • End-of-Week ‘Review’
    Tanker; Dry Cargo; LNG; Container; LPG

While the ‘Mid-Week Review’ focuses purely on the spot market, the ‘End-of-Week Report’ looks as well at time charter, S&P, and FFA markets (where applicable). It provides rates/earnings and price assessments as well as recent activity and market commentary. Unlike the premium Friday ‘Big Picture’ Report, this report does not provide forward-looking analysis or data on existing fleets and their orderbooks.

  • Quarterly Fleet Stats
    Tanker; Dry Cargo; LNG; Container; LPG

This stats-only report aims to provide a snap-shot of the various ‘trading’ fleets and their respective orderbooks. Each sector’s existing and NB fleets are broken down by delivery year, size range (Panamax, VLGC etc.) and specification (geared, gearless etc.). The report also provides statistics on recent ordering and demolition activity.

Premium level membership – includes all forward-looking analysis and access to detailed modelling of the vessel supply / demand relationship. Premium members also benefit from higher frequency / more detailed updates on fleet developments, including vessel ownership / control and trading patterns. This is available only by subscription. Read more


If you wish to extend your basic membership to include additional shipping sectors, or you wish to subscribe to our premium level membership, please contact [email protected]