Friday Big Picture Report Archive

February 8th 2018

Trade Disputes Solar panels, Sorghum, Soybeans & Steel

At first glance, you would think the imposition of trade tariffs on washing machines and solar panels would be a total non-event for the dry bulk market. They are not exactly the sort of goods that get shipped in a Capesize after all. But when the two main protagonists in the dispute are worlds two largest economies, with both sides having a history of retaliatory action, it doesn’t take long for the shockwaves to be felt elsewhere.


February 1st 2018

The Bulk Carrier Orderbook First, the good news...

Total deliveries into the dry bulk fleet for 2018 are currently marked at 29.9m dwt. This is the lowest level of newbuilding arrivals since 2006 and less than a third of the capacity added in the peak year of 2012, when deliveries totaled 96.7m dwt. It is also worth noting that deliveries this year are set to be 21% down on last year, which was already a 9 year low. For those who like their fleet expansion nice and slow, 2018 looks pretty promising.


January 27th 2018

Australia’s Iron Ore Ships Big, but niche

A record 880 million tonnes of iron ore was shipped from Australia last year, almost all of it coming from three ports located within 185km of each other on the north coast of Western Australia. In theory this makes the stretch of coast between Dampier and Port Hedland the most important load area in the world for dry bulk shipping, but as we show below, there is a relatively small number vessels doing an awful lot of work.