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July 27th 2018

The Upcycle Mirage or the ‘real deal’?

‘Mean reversion’ is to forecasters what the Sirens were to unwary seafarers. It states that markets that underperform historical averages must improve; those that outperform must weaken. The problem is that mean reversion says nothing about the timing of those shifts – beyond a notion that the longer it over/underperforms, the more imminent a correction will be. So while all our barometers point to a recovery, when will it arrive?

July 13th 2018

Non-mineral oil trade Obstacles to growth

More than two-thirds of the MR/Handy vessels in oil trades are certified as IMO2/3. In theory, the certification allows them to carry chemicals and vegetable oils in addition to petroleum products. However, only a handful of the non-oil trades – liquid fertiliser, ethanol, caustic soda and vegetable oils – have successfully been tapped by these vessels. With a few exceptions, regulatory and trade developments limit trade growth.