Dry Cargo Archive

October 5th 2017

Cement Building up

$2.5trn is invested annually in infrastructure projects, creating the transportation, power, water, and communications systems on which the global economy depends. With its requirements for steel (and by association iron ore and coking coal), cement and timber, plus a number of other bulk materials, infrastructure investment is the biggest ultimate driver of dry bulk demand. With spending requirements set to grow to $3.3trn a year in the run up to 2030 this is good news for dry bulk, with the cement trades in particular looking like they will benefit.


September 21st 2017

India’s Steel Outlook (Nearly) a new number 2

In August, India came within a hair’s breadth of becoming the world’s second biggest steel producing country, with output hitting a near record 8.5 million tonnes (mt), just 260 thousand tonnes less than Japan. Total 2017 steel production is forecast at 99mt, having doubled in the past decade, and is now set to triple by 2030. It may have been China’s steel output has been grabbing the headlines for the past few years, but its about time that it was India that was in the news.

September 7th 2017

Very Large Ore Carriers No Ore-dinary Vessels

The use of the Very Large Ore Carriers (VLOCs) for Brazilian iron ore exports has always received a lot a attention. Vale’s strategy of commissioning its own fleet of dedicated ore carriers had some teething problems, but things are running more smoothly now. Since the start of the year over 100mt of iron ore loaded by Vale has been onto VLOCs, with the vessels accounting for nearly 340 voyages, 30% of total shipments and 48% of the total ore shipped.