Dry Cargo Archive

April 12th 2018

Soybeans Size Matters

The politics that have lead to China threatening to impose tariffs on imports of US soybeans have been covered widely in the mainstream press, so we wont attempt to cover the broader cause of the trade war here. And the important thing to remember of course is that so far it is just a threat, no action on tariffs has yet been taken. But if things do take a turn for the worse, what is the role of the US and Chinese soybean trade in the freight market?


March 1st 2018

Mineral Sands & Zircon Outlook looking good

As the Lunar New Year celebrations come to an end and those who have recently spent time with their families head back to the office, then so news on the major bulks becomes rather thin on the ground. This provides an ideal opportunity for those minor bulks, that often get overlooked in the bigger scheme of things, to have their moment in the spotlight. One such commodity group is mineral sands which, by the scale and number of all the new projects under consideration, is definitely one to watch.


February 8th 2018

Trade Disputes Solar panels, Sorghum, Soybeans & Steel

At first glance, you would think the imposition of trade tariffs on washing machines and solar panels would be a total non-event for the dry bulk market. They are not exactly the sort of goods that get shipped in a Capesize after all. But when the two main protagonists in the dispute are worlds two largest economies, with both sides having a history of retaliatory action, it doesn’t take long for the shockwaves to be felt elsewhere.