Dry Cargo Archive

September 7th 2018

Economics & Trade One to keep an eye on

Recent economic news hasn’t been brilliant. Stock markets, commodity prices and a number of emerging market currencies have seen falls in recent weeks, just as the freight market had started to pick up. As the headwinds from the USA’s trade policies blow stronger and growth forecasts are questioned, we look at three of the main stories and what their impacts on the freight market will be. There are certainly some issues to consider in the near term, though a major impact is not part of our base case.

August 9th 2018

Carmichael Coal Mine Carmichael & its Relationship to Indian Coal Consumption

Adani’s proposed $16.5bn Carmichael coal mine will be Australia’s largest thermal coal mine, capable of producing an estimated 60 million tonnes per annum. The project continues to be heavily scrutinised due to the environmental risks associated with Abbot Point’s close proximity to the Great Barrier Reef. Following is a project update together with implications for the dry bulk shipping sector amidst India’s reliance on coal.


July 12th 2018

South African Coal Exports More important than just tonnes

South Africa has long been one of the most important exporters of thermal coal, with shipments to Europe setting the C4 rate, for a time the benchmark freight rate for the Capesize market. But times have changed, and while South Africa’s remains the 5th largest seaborne coal exporter, changing patterns of coal consumption mean that the freight requirements to service the trade have radically altered, with further changes set to come.