Dry Cargo Archive

July 12th 2018

South African Coal Exports More important than just tonnes

South Africa has long been one of the most important exporters of thermal coal, with shipments to Europe setting the C4 rate, for a time the benchmark freight rate for the Capesize market. But times have changed, and while South Africa’s remains the 5th largest seaborne coal exporter, changing patterns of coal consumption mean that the freight requirements to service the trade have radically altered, with further changes set to come.


May 31st 2018

Risks to the Forecasts What’s the risk?

Ultimately shipping will remain a cyclical business, and the job of the analyst and forecaster is to identify the duration of each phase of the cycle and its magnitude. But there are any number of paths the market can follow. So to add to last week’s report on our market forecast, we review the key risks to our outlook. Several of these are to the downside, but there are undoubtedly a few factors out there that can push rates higher, whether as part of a short term spike or a slightly longer term driver.